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Hi! I’m Radek and I’m the main photographer here at Photomagician.

I’m a cheerful and happy lad who drinks too much coffee and gets a bit loopy sometimes. There may not always be a happy ending fairytale which is why I treasure the ones I see. Every couple is special to me. Being an oldschool romantic I’d like to say that I believe in love at first sight but I don’t. It’s more than physical attraction and infatuation. Love grows out of exchange of thoughts and deep conversations. Being vulnerable in front of each other. Opening up the way you don’t open up for other people, breaking down walls. It takes courage to love deeply. Damn guys if you’re planning to get married, you are my heroes. This world needs more people who love deeply, who are not afraid to make commitments and snap out of the emotionally crippling culture of the XXI century. The culture that makes people insensitive and shallow. You’ve chosen to write a meaningful story together and it’s a wonderful reason to celebrate. In today’s world you’re rocking the casbah and it’s ace.

Whether you are locals or a couple of adventurous souls looking to get married in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and need a photographer to share this adventure with, you are in the right place.

I am here for the lovers and the dreamers. The rebels and the reveries. The bold and the brave. For the north stars and the lighthouses. For the wild and the wonderful. For the quirky and the curious. The authentic and unapologetic. I tell visual stories that last a lifetime. I capture the exquisite, fleeting moments, so that you can cherish them for ever.

Please take a look through samples of my work and if you feel a connection with it, make sure to drop me a message.


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  • Reviewed on Dec 06, 2021

From the first email received from Radek he’s been welcoming and attentive to all of our questions. He responded promptly to any messages and took the time to explain how the whole process would work from start to finish and keep our minds at ease....    Read More


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