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Hi, I'm Anna. I love natural light and real adventures.

I like my photos true to the moment and full of emotions, capturing the details as well as the bigger picture. I want you to focus on the feels and enjoy every moment of your wedding or elopement. Having fun while capture the memories without you even noticing I'm there.

I am a camera shy introvert and honestly so much more confident with a camera in my hand :). Aaand yep, I know, having photographer around can feel awkward, therefore I want to get to know you and all your quirks so you can get comforable and I'm more like a friend than hired vendor.

I love connecting with my couples and encourage them to do whatever they feel is the best for their wedding day. Be it having adventurous elopement and saying their vows on the top of the snow covered mountain, or having an intimate ceremony surrounded by the closest ones or having the biggest party of all time!

My approach on the wedding day is non intrusive, documentary and I always make sure to capture all the details as well as the magnificient landscapes around. During the couple photoshoot I am happy to give a bit of direction whenever needed but always leave a plenty of space for the two to just enjoy some quiet moments and let it truly sink in. :)

Random bits of info about me:
My native language is Czech (only over 10 million people speak it), but I also speak English /obviously haha/ and German. I have a degree in Photography from Edinburgh College of Art. I love art and design and have background in Portrait and Fashion Photography. I am down to earth and love being in the nature, camping and hiking. The most amazing thing I've done was a long distance trek (500 miles) in summer 2019. I got a campervan couple years and it was the best decision I've ever made. I am divide my time between Scotland and Prague, Czech Republic and love to travel.


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