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Hey thanks for stopping by, my name is Damian and I am a passionate Wedding photographer who love’s to tell beautiful stories using a cinematic visual narrative throughout your whole day, I am a lover of natural light, quirky romance, polaroids and my passion is to catch images that stir up an emotion, that takes you right back to that moment that you can even smell it, sense it, feel it and these are true wedding moments that can often get lost during the chaos of a wedding day.

My approach to a wedding day is to: NOT recreate anything, I don't do cheese, stop any proceeding's or boss your day but to quite simply photograph genuine moments as they happen in a documentary reportage way using an artistic narrative flair from the bridal prep fun right through to the crazy antics that happen on that dancefloor. I don’t go home early like most and I love to throw down some dodgy dance shapes with the guests way into the night.

As well as digital I also love to shoot 35mm film, medium format using vintage cameras on your wedding day, images shot with film just have that extra soul and I am also introducing Super 8 films to my work too.

I WILL blend in with the wedding party, I’ll have a laugh with everyone and we will hang out after your wedding and have beers, I don’t use BIG cameras, I shoot totally unobtrusively, people will hardly notice me and when you receive your images you will see frames that you missed, that you remember, that will make you cry and they will make you laugh.

I shoot a lot of my weddings in and around the North West, Cheshire and London but I also love to shoot amazing destination weddings in Europe and have also travelled to amazing places like New York shooting crazy beautiful wedding stories.

If all the above sounds like your vibe, then please drop me a line, I'd love to hear from you.




Damian Brandon Photography

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