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If you had to choose three moments that marked your life, which ones would you choose? I’m sure it’s not easy to decide, and all those moments you remember are loaded with many emotions. You may have thought when you graduated from college, when you moved alone, or when you first fell in love.
The thing goes like this. Emotions accompany us in the most significant memories of our lives; whether it be a joyful or sad feeling, they always accompany us.
The most significant decisions we make are driven by a feeling stronger than ourselves. We feel an indescribable emotion and an unforgettable feeling when we see that person who stole our heart. That’s why we get married! In my life, I had done so many things driven by emotions, such as when I got married or when I moved from my home country.
I am a very sentimental person. To me, happiness is found in the simple things of life, like a hug to my dog, that particular look in my wife’s eyes, or to be able to have the camera in my hand and to do what I love.
That’s why I’ll be super glad to be part of your love story. Memories are what moves my ground, and you’ll only get images captured with the heart, I’ll not just be there taking pictures or videos. I’ll be there capturing the raw emotions shining through! It’s one of the most romantic days of your lives right? So I bet you want those memories to take you back and recreate every single second of that big day.
You’re in great hands with us, drop us an email, and we will be more than happy to share a coffee with you while we listen to your love story because every great story has a beginning, and great stories deserve great storytellers.
See you in the coffee shop!
Eugene and Andrea


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