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I’m Kyndall. The gal behind the camera.

My love affair with photography began with a single thought I had almost twenty years ago: “I hope I’ll remember this forever.”

Now, when she had that thought, ten-year-old Kyndall was referring to a really awesome day she had at the beach, but the preservation of once-in-a-lifetime moments quickly became an all-consuming passion.

As humans, our ability to recall things long-term kinda sucks. Treasured memories get hazy, mixed up, just straight up forgotten. But with a camera, I’m able to fix that. I’m able to make it so people can look at a picture and be transported back to some of the best times of their lives, exactly as it happened. And that means everything to me.

Other things I’m passionate about: Harry Potter. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Florence + The Machine. Dessa. Writing fantasy novels. Traveling the world. Homemade pizza. Anthropologie. Riding Horses. Texas Barbecue. Dogs. Orchids. Constantly testing the space limits of my greenhouse. 


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