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You Are My True



Hi, we're Amy and Nathan, a husband-wife photography team. We love to tell love stories.

We're big believers in marriage.  In making a giant lifetime commitment to another person that says, “Hey, no matter what, we're in this together."  We decided we'd give it a go 16 years ago, and it's made both of us better.

So we feel it's our biggest honor to get to tell that story for other couples with our cameras.  We’re passionate about telling honest wedding stories and capturing your relationship in an authentic way that feels exactly like you.  We want to document this amazing commitment you're making, along with the family, friends and loved ones that you asked to share it with you. Your wedding day will fly by in a wild, happy haze and our hope is that you go away with images that bring back every laugh, every tear, and remind you of all those big and little moments, because every single one of them means something.


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