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Vanessa Lain Photography


Honesty. It seems fleeting in today's world. To have a moment to steep in it is rare, and I seek it. When you strip away all the social assumptions of modern expectations and are left with that single word, honesty... that’s what I pursue as an artist, a lover, a wife, a mother.  An honest connection that measures more important than race, gender, traditions, or sexual orientation, and that ends with a single unifying meaning... love. A true connection between two souls saying who cares to what the world thinks and just living for each other, loving each other, serving each other. A wedding day is sharing a moment together, isolated in each other yet on stage in front of friends and family, and allowing your miracle of togetherness be shared with loved ones who support you in a union that will transcend. That’s what I want to capture in my photography. That moment. The moment in time that will be passed down in vintage photos and shared by kin  for generations. It’s magic, and I would be honored to be a part of the legacy that starts with I do or I vow or I take you, and today I marry my best.... let me capture this honest moment for you.
Hi, I'm Vanessa. ​I grew up in Austin but I live in Lockhart with my husband, who is a chef, and our son, Walker Lain. My approach to photographing a wedding day is this: I want to be unobtrusive and allow the day to unfold organically. I'm telling your story, not mine, and I want the narrative to be something you're proud to share for generations. That said, I won't leave you hanging! I'm there to guide you through portraits so that you look and feel natural, comfortable, and gorgeous.


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