Amber Vickery

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Hi there! I'm Amber!

I grew up with a camera at my hip from the age of 14. I'm a lover of classic documentary photography and colorful neo-expressionist paintings, so it's not a suprise that my work has become an eclectic mix of vibrant + playful with a hefty dose of soul.

I really strive to create images that feel organic and truly caputure the essense of my clients. I want you to be you. I want to capture all of the affection, all of the romance, and all of the magic of your big day.  

My favorite weddings are laid back + intimate affairs, whether it be outdoors or inside a unique space. I love couples who forge their own path, stay true to who they are, and let their love shine versus falling in line with trends and traditions. Also, I can’t deny, I love a great DIY wedding!

I can't wait to hear about how you are celebrating your love! Reach out and let's grab coffee! 


xo Amber



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