Aase Pouline

Best Wedding Photographers in Sweden


Half Swedish half Danish, originally from Ängelholm, currently based in Malmö, always on my way to Italy. With a heart that beats for learning, traveling and creating. 

I’m obsessed with anything visual, be it a beautifully color graded movie, an elegant font, a well put together outfit, a balanced interior or a perfectly composed photograph. It may sound vein but I like to believe it’s a pretty fortunate side effect of being in this field of work, because whether I look or think I see everything in pictures. 

Ending up in the middle of the wedding world really happened by chance, but I’m so happy it did. I’ve never had a big interest in neither dresses nor flowers and still to this day don’t. But being able to tell the stories, experience the love, capture the feelings and not to mention being given the chance to live in a carefully color-coordinated world where the only rain is confetti for a day really caught me. 

I’ll probably never really get over what a big deal it is to be a part of your day and I’m eternally grateful to every couple who lets me tell their love story!


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