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Let’s create something that will last. 


Hello, I am Nina, an emotive storytelling wedding photographer who lives in South Africa and travels worldwide to capture love stories. 


I am all about being who you are at your core - I love real people, really in love. I love honest moments - the intimate, the in-between, the teary and the ugly laughs. I love the things that makes you, you. 


My job is to see and experience the day the way you two do. I don’t want to pose you and I don’t want to fake any “moments”. My goal is to capture pure emotion, raw moments and the things + feels that matter most to you.  

I am here to tell your story, on your wedding day and until the end of time, every time you look at your photos. These photos will become your memories, the moment your mom saw you right after you slipped into your dress, your dads hand brushing your arm on your way to the ceremony, the first time your eyes met with your almost-husband, how he looked at you during his vows. 


My photos are a collection of honest, real moments filled with adventure. 


If you love them and if you feel a connection with my way of working; email me at [email protected]

I would love to hear from you!


Nina x




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