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The Vanilla Project



Weddings is more than just a day when two individuals becoming one in a union. It is more than just the story of the couple initiating a life together but the emotions that gets invested in the day. It is about the excitement, nervousness, bliss, happy tears, and joyful laughter. It is about the authentic moments, a burst of positive emotions.

The Vanilla Project is a wedding photography team based in Singapore. We would like to believe that we are more than just visual makers, we are storytellers. We want to break the norm of traditional wedding photography and seek the thrill of creating new ways to capture a wedding.


We approach each wedding and session with an open mind. We believe that every individual has a story to tell and that is what we want to achieve. Every wedding and the couple has a unique story and our work revolve around them. We’re not there to just be your wedding photographer, we’re there to make sure your day will be an unforgettable moment too! We will make sure that you are being yourself. We seek to capture the real you, your personality and all the essentials. And we like to have fun too!


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