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I am a husband to an amazing wife. Her name is Kelly (aka freckle face). We love to sit and chat about the wonders of life over a glass of wine as often as possible. In November 2016 we had our first child and named him Parker Phoenix (aka Parkie Poo) he flipped our world and we seriously cannot get enough of him. I love Mexican food and I devour it every chance I get. My go-to beer is Racer 5 IPA but my favorite is Pliney the Elder. (sometimes I’ll make my own batch). Jiu-Jitsu is a lifestyle I partake in and I wish everyone could try it. Best movie of all time for me is probably The Goonies. The night sky is my heaven, I can stare at the stars forever and just dream away. I am a wedding photographer coming at ya from the golden state! Adventurous wedding stories in epic places makes me warm and fuzzy. My approach is mainly documentarian. I won’t spend much time posing you to perfection neither will I make you look directly into the camera to say cheese. Rather, we’ll find your true personalities and just have a memorable experience together and in the end, you’ll have something artistic, fresh and romantic. My wish is for you to love your photos for the entirety of your lives. Trust that I’ll bust my bottom to make that happen. My inspiration is you! You all motivate me to capture life, and so, thank you ahead of time. What you read here is truly who I am, and hopefully, you can dig it. I know my style isn’t for everyone, different strokes for different folks. But if this sounds awesome to you then let’s do this folks

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