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When I think about what first drew me to photography, it's the thing that sustains and drives it today: the moments, the details, the in-between sometimes lost in the chaos almost silent connections shared between lovers.  I live for the way your hands touch, how you naturally slip into each others arms, and the little giggles shared between those so familiar with each other you'd think there was only one body.

I don't want to be your typical photographer.  I don't want to take your images, I want to gift you with your story in images.  I want to be a servant to the moment--your moment--in all its uniqueness.  

I want to walk with you through this entire journey.  Let me rejoice with you in floral decisions and the dress you choose.  Share with me the relationships that are most important to you and your day.  Allow me to get to know you and your fiance, your families, your choices, your preferences, so that on your day, you can trust me to capture your day in all its realness.  

What are you waiting for? Let's chat and do this thing.


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