Best Wedding Photographers in New York

Vik Photography



Vik’s photography has its own rhythm. It draws us into the image, opening our minds and hearts to delve deeper into the captured moment.

Central to the art of capturing our most treasured moments in a non-manufactured fashion is the photographer’s ability to put his subject at ease. Vik approaches his work holistically with this in mind. His photography is unforced and confidently guided by his artistic vision, recognizing that more is at stake than a photograph. His sensitivities extend beyond lighting, pose, and composition, reaching deeper into mood, context, and flow.

By operating in his natural way Vik lets us, too, be ourselves. Vik knows that when we are truly comfortable and free, the results are extraordinary. By creating this calm space for his subjects, Vik captures moments that are true reflections of your experiences that can be treasured forever.


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