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Hey there!! My name is Marilyn and I'm so glad you're here ♡ I am a couples + wedding photographer based in New York City, with ties to California as well, so I hop coast to coast often and will gladly come to wherever your day is at! I've had pink hair for the last 6 years so at this point it has become a personality trait and I'm 100% okay with it. I love the outdoors, pat every dog I can, and thrive on ben and jerry's. My ideal place to be would likely be frolicking in wildflowers in a dress that's way too long, but the longer the better. The patio of my NYC apartment with a good book is a close second favorite though, for sure.

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I've got a big love for all things candid, dreamy, and natural. What that mainly means is that focusing on how your day felt, with the beautiful magic that comes from emotions and moments on your wedding day, is at the forefront of my work. It's important to me that your photos reflect something real and authentic, while also illustrating just a bit of a dream within them - because I truly believe that there is something so unique and magical in those moments.


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