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In 2022, Angela Masters and Adam Hagerman combined their talents, knowledge, and passion to create Black Moon Media, LLC. Their partnership was a natural evolution, as they recognized the immense potential of joining forces to provide their clients with an even higher level of excellence. Angela brings a relentless passion for capturing the human experience, which renders beautifully into the romantic photo and video work she is known for. Meanwhile Adam excels in lighting, formal portraits and candids. This energetic duo is positively obsessed with traveling and creating gorgeous art inspired by you! With a keen eye for composition and an understanding of both natural and artificial lighting, they capture moments that will last a lifetime. Their philosophy of capturing love and life in its purest form has made them an award-winning photography duo with an ever-growing client base across the world. They have a knack for creating emotional connections and making sure every client walks away with a truly unique set of photos and/or videos that tell their story in a way that will be treasured for generations to come. Contact them today to learn more! 




Black Moon Media

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