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Molly Grunewald Photography



Photo-maker, Visual story-teller, dad joke-maker, taco-eater, adventure-seeker, wanderer, and champagne drinker who doesn't like to take life too seriously.

I'm Molls. Feed me tacos and let me take your picture. I document life in Detroit and all over the world. I am a Harry Potter fanatic---Ravenclaw, obviously. Traveling and photography are the two things that feed my soul. Being in new places is when my photography and me as a human thrive the most. 

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's this: I dig authentic. My photography is all about rawness, fearlessness and honesty. My main goal and focus is to capture a moment; not create one. I pride myself in chasing after those genuine moments that highlight laughter, joy, and tears between those you do life together with.

If you like traveling, taking risks, eating pizza, and maknig beautiful things...let's talk. 


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