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Hey! I'm Erin.


I started exploring photography when my grandfather handed down his old film camera to me. It was the camera that captured so many memories for our family for years. I found that I had a real passion for it, and so I saved up all my money and bought the best digital camera I could afford. I’ve always loved people watching, so capturing raw emotion and genuine joy brought me so much joy! I stumbled into wedding photography after responding to an ad that read, “Wedding photographer needed, no experience necessary.” Somehow at 18, I thought, “Yeah I could do that.” Kids, right? That was my first wedding, and have loved it ever since.


Even though I take documenting love very seriously, I’m not a serious person at all. I love Jesus, stupid movies, Parks and Rec (I literally have embroidery of Ron in my home), and being barefoot. I drink too much coffee, tend to be the mom of my friend group, and could probably knock you out because I wear too many rings. I’m married to my sweet husband Sam (for almost 9 years!) and have the cutest nugget baby boy (he’s five somehow, but he’s always my baby), Jack. I’m an Enneagram 2 and an ESFP, for the people that want to know.  I’m extroverted, observant, love the feels, and am good at perceiving things. It takes a lot to be a great photographer, and I think personality is a big part of that.


I have a laid back approach to shooting, a.k.a be a fly on the wall. The highest compliment to me is when a bride tells me they didn’t even realize I was there (Insert a hardy YAAAAAS here). The best photos happen when you’re being yourself and I’m being me, no matter how weird or goofy, which just can’t happen if I pose you all day. I shoot with available light for the most part, but can get down with some paparazzi style flash (I’m not going to haul 12 light stands into your venue, ok). How can you act natural when the entire room is being slapped with flash every 20 seconds? Couples work so hard to create their big day, and if that day includes their reception being lit by buttloads of candles, I want the photos to reflect that. 


My favorite moments tend to be the in between stuff. I don’t always want your dress perfectly fluffed, or you smiling straight at my camera (though we will get some of those shots for your parents). I see myself as more of a journalist than a choreographer. I want to capture memories you’ll have for a lifetime, not staircase poses that collect dust on a shelf. You deserve the very best, and I would love to give you nothing less. I’m always shooting. Always smiling. Always enjoying myself; because dangit, I just love this job


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