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McKenzie Elizabeth Photography



Let's cut to the chase- you need a wedding photographer and want someone committed to telling YOUR unique story. This is about more than pretty portraits- we’re creating your first family heirloom together. I make it stress-free, fun, and focus on the sincere moments that naturally occur between two people who are wildly in love. I’ll photograph things you never even knew happened while you're dancing and drinking and eating and laughing. I promise not to force you into stiff poses that say absolutely nothing about who you are. This is your wedding, these are your memories, and I’m here for everything that makes your relationship special.

Little things, like the flock of birds that passes by while your grandma adjusts your veil, are just as important as the tiny details in your table arrangements and the impromptu group hug with your best friends on the dance floor. You’ve put a lifetime worth of dreams into this day, so let’s document every ounce of it with authenticity.

My work is all about producing stunning, journalistic, and genuine photographs that bring out the beauty in every celebration.

It's the second best thing to having your very own time machine.


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