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Fidelio Photography



We are an award-winning Maine wedding and engagement husband/wife photographers who have worked in Portland and throughout New England together for the last 11 years. We love telling stories through compelling images, using the beauty of natural light. Our style mixes photojournalism/editorial with fine art--capturing the authentic moments, details, portraits and landscapes in a creative and documentary way. 

One of our greatest strengths is bringing out the personality of each unique wedding through our work with photographs that make you feel like you were in that moment.  Over the years many of our clients have also become our friends which are relationships that we really value, many returning to us later for maternity or family portraits. Our laid back approach helps people feel comfortable--which is important on such an intimate day. We have been told many times that we also provide a calming, helpful presence throughout the day. 

When we're not working we both love traveling (especially to the West Coast), the beach, working on our house (built in 1874!), antique shopping and watching shows like Stranger Things and Curb Your Enthusiasm. We are also crazy cat people and are obsessed with our 4 cats (don't worry, we like dog people too!). We love living in Portland and being so close to the ocean and surrounded by so many other artists and small businesses).

Feel free to reach out if you connect with our work and would like to talk more, we'd love to hear about your plans for your wedding day!


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