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Federica Cavicchi



Ehi, Ciao!
First, Thank you so much for being here!
I’m Federica and more than my name, what I love is what I am.
The sea. Just my biggest inspiration.
I love days at the seaside and dinners with friends.
I love peasant and rough scenes.
Wild bouquets.
All the places I’ve never seen yet.

With Photography, I found food for my hungry soul, and more importantly, 
I found People, I found Emotions and Experience.
To me, photography is not about cameras and lenses, Photography is about people.
It's about you.
I truly believe in human relationships, so I always give and look for love in what I do.
I’d encourage you to be 100% yourselves. I’d like you to organize your day according to what you are, want and feel, careless of “how it should be” I value honesty and living by your own rules. 
Because of that, I believe that "everybody" is not my client and I'm looking for my niche, small and exclusive, the one who cares.
Then I’ll help you make your day everlasting.

That’s my way, I don’t know any other.



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