Best Wedding Photographers in Central Italy

Martina Ruffini



At the base of my photographic style there is a profound curiosity for life, adventures, challenges. I am also guided in my personal taste by my childhood suggestions: the summers I spent with my grandmother, who taught me the pleasure of reading and discovery and passed on to me the love for nature, a fundamental element of my photography. In my shots there is also a cinematic vision in the shots, given by the continuous inspiration I draw from cinema. The films I love most are the thrillers, thrillers and classics of when I was a child: Stand By Me, The Wizard of Oz, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story. I do my job with discretion and always on tiptoe. I love to characterize my photographs as if they were portraits of country atmosphere and conviviality. In each shot I enclose a story, a memory ... and even a little bit of me!


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