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Hi there! This is us.. all of us, our life, our adventure.. Paul, Elaine and kids.. married, happy and not perfect.

Just over 6 years ago we started shooting weddings and right there and then we were hooked. We both hail from Ireland and have been together many years now. Originally both engineers our love for photography led us here, doing a job that we love, capturing peoples lives on the day they get married, being wedding photographers with an edge.

Each wedding is so unique full of fun and chaos, heartfelt moments and quiet moments. Thats what makes them so interesting so special. We love the technical and the simple, the romantic and the sweet.

These are the images we are after, images that will make you see the real and surreal of your day, photos you'll remember and smile about photos that will wow you, images that will hurt your brain!

Paul likes the technical stuff, the epic shots and to experiment. Elaine likes to quietly document all the great moments.

So thats us.. now what about you?


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