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Are you a pair of adventurous souls that are madly in love? Do you have a passion for the outdoors & prefer to spend your days "off the beaten path”?  Do you have a zest for life & fire in your bellies that is infectious to those around you? Do you love great art, great food, great music & great friendship? Do you wear your hearts on your sleeves? Do you prefer collecting experiences over gathering more stuff? Do you value great imagery & the legacy it leaves behind? If you found yourself nodding to these questions then please read on......

I'm an adventure elopement & couples photographer based in Ireland. I help couples traveling to Ireland create memories that they will never forget. Whether you're coming here to elope, to propose, or just to celebrate your relationship, I'll make sure you do it in the most rad locations & get the most awesome photos. 

It's fair to say that I'm in love with the beauty of this small island & it's such a privilege to take my couples exploring new places. We'll wander over rugged cliffs, explore ancient castles, get windswept on wild beaches & dance in front of iconic Irish backdrops that will blow your mind. 

Could you imagine you & your love having photos in places like these? If your answer is a big fat yes, then I can't wait to start planning this adventure with you! 


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