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Belfast is where I call home. Colleen and Molly are my two favourites - my best friend/partner in crime and our crazy/amazing golden retriever. Aside from suffering from a severe case of wanderlust and the insatiable desire to explore new places and foreign lands, I consider myself extremely lucky as I love what I do..


I shoot all over Ireland, the UK and further afield when I'm invited, having shot weddings in New Zealand, Italy, Portugal, Greece, and the USA. I'm always happy to add to that list :)


I want to make images that people connect with. Honest, creative and authentic images of you and that one person you’ve chosen over all others to share this journey with. To capture all those in between moments that make you, you. To create images that in years to come, your children can look at and know it’s an honest reflection of you both. I love working with passionate fiery souls. Being given the creative freedom to capture that bond, while you are surrounded by the people that mean the most to you in the world, that’s magic. And that’s why I love photography. The power of imagery, film or digital is magic.




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