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It's pretty obvious I love all things furry and foresty. I'm a Pacific Northwest transplant from South Texas currently residing in Moscow, ID. I fell in love with the waterfalls, rolling hills, and wildlife in this area. There's a very real chance I'll see a Moose whenever I'm shooting. That alone is enough to keep me here forever. 

I'm inspired by brides who aren't afraid to hike a mountain or cross a river to get the perfect shot, dress be damned. Who are excited by the idea of having the ceremony at a location only accessible by boat. By grooms who'll let themselves cry when they see their soulmate walking down the aisle towards them. I'm inspired by two people who want to look through a wedding album filled with real, natural moments of genuine emotion, not stiff posing and fake smiles.  By couples who believe that while a traditional church wedding may work for some, only the truly unique and authentic will suffice for them. Because their wedding should be like the connection they share: one of a kind.               

But most of all, I'm inspired by couples that are completely, ridiculously, out-of-their-minds in love with each other. 

Ready to go on an adventure? Let's chat! I'm available for travel all throughout the PNW, and anywhere else your heart takes you.


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