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Wedding Photography for me, is a unique visual path to embrace and capture the sincerest, truest feelings and the experience of a couple beginning their forever as a union.’ Nick Roussis Destination Wedding Photographer approaches each private, public, small or large-scale celebration in Greece and around the world in a documentary way. His goal is to keep the memories of the first day of your new journey, fete, and you as you truly are. Unchanged through time, to last eternally and as emotionally powerful as they indeed are, the spontaneous moments-the bursts of excitement and joy-those details you so much have cherished and noticed, are perceived through his magnetically appealing photography. The day unfolding spontaneously is the ideal photography canvas for Nick Roussis and his Team, aiming that you feel understood and protected in collaboration with him, he understands that each couple and event owns its’ own aesthetic and style and should be considered as a non-experienced before. Taking care of the proper timelines for you to feel relaxed, the elements arranged, the location and your guests, in communication with your vendors and you as human beings, we are there to offer you a unique destination photography experience, delivering a final portfolio that encapsulates each moment hyper-focused on communicating the wedding day like no other.


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