Best Wedding Photographers in Germany

Cornelia Lietz Hochzeitsreportagen



My passion is photography and I absolutely love weddings.

I believe that your wedding photographer is one of the most important investments on your wedding. Because we are the ones who will keep your wedding in your memory and alive over years to come, maybe even over generations.

What else is there to say about me? I was born in Pittsburgh and lived in the US during my childhood before I came to Germany. I am an artist, a mother and a wife. I believe in true love and love at first sight. I love coffee and cafe´s, good music and dancing. I love laughing and my kids. I love traveling and nature. I’m always curious in learning new things and I simply love capturing LOVE!

If you like what I like too, I am probably the right photographer for you. So please check out my galleries, my website, and my blog, and let my work speak for itself.


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