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My name is Dani Rodriguez and I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Shooting weddings and elopements worldwide.
Telling stories about couples who are in search for something more genuine, deeper and unique. I don’t like to follow trends, nor other people’s work. I look at every couple that comes my way as legends worth remembering and want to give them the grace they deserve. To honour them by portraying them as different and unique as they are.

My approach to photography is documenting real emotions in the most elegant, deep and sensitive way possible. I want to take a step forward, dive in my projects and never stay on the surface. This is why I commit to the fullest and show how breathtaking you are in your purest form. I love to document honest moments, every in-between looks, so in the end you will have real memories of your wedding. Weddings are full of those moments. I want to tell YOUR story just as it really feels.


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