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Hello ! I'm Kateryna, ukrainian girl who came in Paris many years ago to study economics and now making job out of her passion - photography. Since that time I accompanied more than 100 couples through the most beautiful day of their life. I love sharing my passion, today i'm lecturing the course of Art Photography in middle School and love it. For few years I'm recognized as a top wedding photographer in Western France by different wedding blogs. 

In life I like arts in general, practicing oil painting, going to galleries, travel, nature, ocean, making things with my hands.  I think practicing painting influences the way I approach the proccess of creating images. Paying attention to light, space, colors. But still, the core, the essence of my photography are feelings and emotions, connections between people. 

My style is bright, natural, creative. I like true emotions, dynamic colors, capture candid moments and play with light ans space. Love when my clients return to my services each year, when they decorate their home with pictures that we created together, print wedding albums that their children will discover one day. Love the idea of creating a lifelong memories of a new family. Last but not least, I love travel, so I already covered weddings not only through all the France, but also in Spain, Italy and soon Cambodia...


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