Best Wedding Photographers in Paris, France

Julie Blin




Your uniqueness is your magic.

Poetic and creative images, an intimate and modern style: I am instinctively guided and transported by light, sensations, emotions. Curious and passionate, it is important to me to know your history in order to sublimate what animates you, what unites you. To be able to capture what you feel, beyond what you see.

My greatest satisfaction : To make you relive the day when you got married with those people so dear to you; when you ran away in the streets of Paris or to the seaside, your hair swept by the wind, a tear while exchanging your vows; when her great burst of laughter, her sparkling eyes, came to make your ear and your heart shiver.

As a hypersensitive, all these sensations and feelings create an inner magic, which allows creation.

The blur, it represents all of this. The time that passes. The vaporous, ethereal effect of a fleeting memory, a sensation, an emotion that arises as quickly as it leaves. Imperceptible, elusive.

Life is not static and precise, neither are your memories. Let's transcribe reality together.



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