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Can you imagine being a director for a day, controlling the crew, the cameras, the lights, the tone...? Sounds complicated, doesn't it? Well, the wedding is somewhat similar, there are many things that need to be organized and controlled. In doing so, you may encounter some things for the first time. Having already mentioned directors, there is one characteristic related to most famous directors, and that is that they like a constant and proven team of people, who not only do their part of the job phenomenally, but also feel very comfortable in their environment. My philosophy is similar, the way I take photos and what kind of photos I take you can see in the gallery, but what I pay special attention to is the relationship with the newlyweds and their experience with photography and everything that accompanies it.


My approach to work is relaxed, and the approach to people at work is friendly, because I believe in good organization and I don't like tension. What most newlyweds end up emphasizing in their relationship with me is actually that friendly approach and advice I give them before and during the wedding. 


I have been doing photography for 15 years, of which I have been photographing weddings for 10 years. During that period, I saw really many beautiful moments, but also many mistakes that the newlyweds made and ruined their day. I will try to help you not to make similar mistakes. 


My style of photography is a mixture of documentary and fashion photography. 


If we were to rely on Murphy’s Law then in wedding photography we could say that spontaneous photographs are mostly sought by the most spontaneous newlyweds. For that reason, I never give in to the situation that I have no control over photography. I set the newlyweds to pose when necessary, and again I record spontaneous moments. For us, photographers, light is the most important thing. I really like to take photos with natural light, but if the lighting conditions are bad, I use multi-point light. Don’t be surprised if I unfold a 2m umbrella in the living room. I'm kidding, I take photos at home with a 1.5m soft box. 


My indispensable support and motivation in everything is definitely my family. My wife Marina, whom you will meet with me in the photos, is something like a rabbit's paw to me. She is someone who technically takes care of the job, while I am a master and I deal with photography and gadgets.


Relax, the wedding will come and go, only the two of you matter. You make your story. You are the support. Enjoy your day and life together and don't forget we are all directors of our lives and happiness.


See you…

Nikola Rudic



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