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Hey there!


I'm Britt.


I am an observer, an artist and I'm fascinated by the human condition. I'm a little sarcastic, a little introverted and will likely cry behind the camera capturing anything resembling a wedding day speech. I love the beauty of relationships and I love love. When I see a beautiful moment unfold, I have always gotten this urge to suspend how it feels forever.


My favorite moments to capture are those I observe from afar and those felt moments that need no words, are full of genuine expression, honesty and timeless aesthetic. Posed shots are not really my thing because I like to make it as comfortable as possible to be in front of a camera. I've been there! And I understand that it's new territory for most people. I totally respect that. Think of me as a fun-loving photojournalist for you and your loved ones. 


I have a background in social work and have learned how to make groups and individuals feel comfortable by focusing on the things that connect us all - humor, love and the many facets of just being human. I value staying curious over judgemental. I feel that my professional and personal background comes through in my work by allowing all personalities to shine and feel comfortable in being exactly who they are.


Here is what I can promise you - my laugh (mmm, cackle?) will be loud, I will become friends with the most sarcastic member of your family and you will look fine as heck.


Let me show you your good sides.


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