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My goal is take photos that, decades from now when life has taken hold, they'll whisk you back to that heart-stopping, tear-flowing, laughter-in-the-sunshine, can't-get-enough-of-your-lover's-scent honeymoon phase. To that right here, right now moment of falling in love, of saying your vows, of feeling like you're walking down the aisle toward your bestfriend again and again. I want to capture memories so vivid and authentic and detailed and love-filled, you'll swear that first kiss was only yesterday, and that fresh-faced love will swing right back in with it. These photos are the closest you'll get to bottling the now, these tender, fleeting hours in time. And when the wrinkles sit beautifully on your skin, when your bones are sore, when life has softened some parts of you and hardened others, you'll be able to unbottle that moment and remember exactly why you said Yes. You'll whisper once more on your breath, "I do".

Let's capture that love. Let me put in a storybook wedding album for you to live again and again and again.

Over ten years of experience capturing love. All wedding and elopement packages include a storybook wedding album and a complimentary engagement shoot. Next-day, downloadable sneak peeks. Bespoke editing designed with your day's vibe in mind. Service that makes you feel like a celebrity. Compassion, direction, and organization that soothes wedding-day (and wedding-planning) nerves. Two Canon DSLR cameras, six lenses, and a box of tissues. Love is Love.




Juniper Ink Photography

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