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Crémeux Photo



To me, a relationship is a work of art in itself, through its uniqueness, it’s unfolding and its emotional charge. It is something that is built and fortified over time, using the tools that we ­carry in our hearts, like teamwork and collaboration.

I always leave a place in my life for the sublime, the dream, the intensity, as if life itself was a movie. My goal is to capture you, and tell your story. Almost like a film or a tale told uniquely through imagery.

Over time, I have learned to observe and adapt to the light around me. My deep romanticism and my unconditional love for humans and their complexity has helped me to convey exactly what I see and feel through a photograph.

After years of practice, I have mastered the ability to observe, understand and describe you faithfully and accurately. I am curious to truly get to know you, and I aim to bring out your vulnerability, and your own unique light to the world around you

While we are working together, I will immerse myself fully in your story. And not to worry, I won’t ask you to pose for me, but I will capture what happens naturally. Documenting things as they unfold is my motto.

I strive to lift you up and show YOU as the work of art that you are. I will create a comfortable space so that you can express your intensity, and the fire that lives inside of you.

Love is an adventure that pushes us higher, further, and beyond everything, like climbing a mountain. The feeling that love can give us makes me think of a majestic ascent, discovering a breathtaking landscape. Let’s show the fruit of this hard work in photographs, because it is so uniquely beautiful, and it derives to be seen in all of its glory.



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