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Annabelle Agnew Photography



I’m first-generation Canadian, so my sense of history has largely been informed by photographs and the albums on my family bookshelf.

One day when I was helping my Grandmother quilt in her sewing room, she came across her wedding album and shared it with me. It was like getting a large piece of puzzle that I felt had been missing growing up. It felt like what I imagine it would be to strike gold.  

So this is the genesis of my Why.

The idea of being able to contribute to your history, your future selves, and perhaps future generations gives me purpose. 

We don’t understand how beautiful we are when we’re young unless we have the photographs to show us later; or how quickly our children grow up; or how little we allow ourselves to celebrate our lives. Our commitments and our celebrations are what define us and having these special moments photographed takes on new meaning over time.

This is why I want to hear your story.


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