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Lauren McCormick Photography

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I'm an Indigenous wedding photographer based in Ottawa and available for travel worldwide. Being married to a Dutchman, we've spent the past 7 years living abroad in our off-season, so there's no such thing as travelling "too far" for a wedding. We see life for what it is: wild, a little messy, and unpredictably exciting. Those are the honest moments we live for. And those are the moments I work to capture for my clients too. 


Through a deep connection with my couples, a strong ability to empathize, and a knack for anticipating moments, I’m able to capture people being exactly who they are as if I’m not even in the room. My couples aren’t thinking about having their photo taken, or how they’re standing. They’re experiencing the moment as it happens and feeling comfortable expressing their emotions in a deep, connective way. This allows me to capture the pauses; the hidden moments between heartbeats, and the “in-between” candids that truly depict the couple’s chemistry and tells the story of their day.




Lauren McCormick Photography

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