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Hello there! I am Jennifer and I am not gonna lie, I absolutely, 100%, without a doubt-LOVE my job! I work with people during life's happiest and most intimate moments. I strive to retell the story of a wedding day through art and feel so honoured to have the chance to do so. Over the past 5 years I have had the oppurtunity to document over 100 weddings and I approach every single one with a fresh perspective.

Care to know a little bit more about me

I LOVE musicals-and tend to sing aggresively along with soundtracks while driving.

I have a condiment obsession and prefer to mix several different kinds together to create new and interesting flavours.

I drink copious amounts of coffee and eat far too much chocolate

I LOVE my two little girls and feel so inspired by them every single day

I adore life, love and lets be friends!

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