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Jayme Lang




For nearly a decade, I have been photographing people - individuals, families, couples, children - who aren’t thinking about my camera. 

They’re thinking about how cozy their kitchens are on a sunny morning. They’re thinking about how stunning their brides look in their wedding dresses. They’re thinking about how good it feels to be in their mamas’ arms. 

As a Vancouver, BC-based wedding, portrait, and family photographer, it’s my job to capture authentic, intimate moments. I don’t tell people how to pose or smile. I create environments where people can simply be themselves and express the way they truly feel.  I document the beauty in the lives people are leading, so they can see it for themselves - and never forget it. 

When I think about what makes me right for the job of recognizing and documenting the beauty in peoples’ lives, this is what comes to mind: 

First, I am a wife and mother of two little girls. I feel the significance and sacredness of family and children deeply. I am a voracious lover of art. I’m inspired by modern design. I know exactly when the natural light will give a photograph painterly texture. I’m attuned to beauty. My personal values and communication style are grounded in authenticity and genuineness. I think honesty is infectious. My clients can be real with me and it shows. 

Your life is a work of art. Sometimes you just need to give yourself the space to see it. If you work with me, that’s what I’ll give you: the space to express the raw, true, and real beauty that fills your life. 



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