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Kami Olavarria Photography



HELLO newly engaged people! First things first, I want you to know that your wedding is a huge deal to me. My couples aren't just names in my calendar or numbers in a spreadsheet. And your wedding photographer is more than someone who just takes pictures for a day. I am your right-hand-woman - like a bridesmaid/groomslady with a camera more than a vendor you hired. Your cheerleader, organizer, drink-getter, gal screaming 'YAS YAS YASSSS' because I'm so excited about the images we are creating together. More than anything, I believe my job is to make sure you have the best day EVER. This isn't about me or what I'm looking for as an artist. This is about YOU, giving you the best experience ever, and leaving you with images you'll be obsessed with forever.

I became a wedding photographer because I was studying photojournalism and was unable to stay seperate from my "subjects". I would become way to close to everyone I interviewed and photographed (apparently that's frowned upon - who knew?!). And then someone asked me to shoot their wedding and I discovered storytelling like I never knew existed: You mean I can tell stories and become pals with everyone I get to work with?! YAY OKAY!

My philosophy: I focus on creating timeliness, storytelling images: knowing when to step in and be directive and when to step back and be journalistic. The result is a unique gallery experience that looks and feels how your wedding celebration TRULY felt, leaving you with memories that tickle you in the feels forever.


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