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Becca Romero Creative



Hello, I’m Becca! Always laughing. Always joking. Always petting dogs. And here’s a little snapshot about me.

I absolutely love Disneyland. If you have a pass, I will 100% ask if we can meet up and plan your special day at the happiest place on earth! Dogs are my spirit animal, I can have breakfast at any time of the day, and I love adventures. 


With my creative voice, I have truly learned how to stand on my own value system, how to choose compassion over comparison, and how to constantly ask, "How can I serve you?". It’s because of the mentorship that was sewed into me as I developed my talents in the creative world that ultimately defined my passion for capturing priceless moments for others. I am the kind of person who will gladly scale mountains, hide in bushes, climb rocks " anything to make sure I capture your love story in its truest, most authentic form. 


There are so many key moments in our lives that define who we are. These moments, whether big or small, are unique to each of us. It absolutely humbles me to know the vulnerability that comes with sharing those moments with someone you do not know, let alone, allowing me into your story to capture it exactly as it is - beautiful, sometimes messy, but always authentic.


There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not in complete awe of the people I get to work with and the uniqueness each person holds. I am so, so grateful for that kind of trust. I fully believe that my calling is to help you tell your story - every single part of it. Capturing those memories and freezing time, those are the moments I live for.


I am genuinely so excited for you already. Let’s dream up something magical together!


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