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A   P E E K  I N T O   W H O   I   A M
Peace Seeker
Lover of tiny hands holding mine, the feeling of the warmth of the sun on my skin, vegan foods, planting things, anything outdoors, reading, the sound of the Ocean and capturing all flavors of love.
We are in the process of renovating an old airstream so we can move into it and live simpler! <3

W H A T   I   W A N T   T O   D O
F O R   Y O U
I want to capture your love, your commitment. Your dedication to the person whom you hold most dear. I want to capture the raw, genuine connection you hold. The day you decided to put on paper the commitment that is already in your soul is one worth capturing and I am exceedingly passionate about doing that for you.

I would be honored to capture your day.
L E T   M E   T E L L   Y O U R   S T O R Y


Why couples love Awakening Photography

  • Brittany B.
  • The Ravington
  • Reviewed on Apr 25, 2020

Awakening Photography did a fantastic job on our engagement photos, bridal shots, & our wedding photos. My husband and I were both VERY pleased with how all of our images came out! Chelsea is the biggest sweetheart and was so easy to work with! She w...    Read More


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