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DJ Will Gill



My name is Will Gill and I’m an all-in-one DJ, Emcee, and Choreographer. I work exclusively with clients looking for a personality who is engaging, able to command a room, and provide a fun atmosphere where everyone can be free to let loose.


As a DJ, I possess the ability to read a crowd and inspire great energy on the dance floor. I am well-versed across a multitude of musical genres, so a party can include a little something for everyone. I do this by crafting clever transitions and mixes. My DJ style is “Open Format”. It is the preferred style of wedding DJs in Los Angeles.


As an Emcee, I bring an approachable personality to the microphone. I do this by using a charming and charismatic voice to lead guests throughout an event. Behind the scenes, I work diligently to manage the pace of the timeline, keep all other vendors in sync, and navigate everyone through any real-time updates to the order of events.


As a Choreographer, I move about the dance floor inspiring confidence in guests who may be looking for a little encouragement and energy. Me needing to get out there with the crowd isn’t always necessary, but it’s a great option for clients to have if they need help getting their dance floor started.


Encouraging people to celebrate life is what I do. I aim to provide a comfortable environment for guests. Because every party is unique, I do not use preset mixes, stand-up routines, or shtick. Everything I do is genuine and is done as a DJ with great energy.


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