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I am Matilda - a mildly adventurous, quirky and down-to-earth wedding photographer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. I'm all about happiness and joy, loving every small and big expression of happiness at a wedding. I love to observe couples relationships between family members and friends, carefully documenting them the way I see it. After all, a wedding day is so much more than just a pretty dress and properly decorated venues. There is more than one reason to get married but the way I see it, the main reason is for friends and family to get together and celebrate your love, having a fantastic time , sharing both tears and laughter. I can watch my couples slideshows time and time again just to experience that nostalgic feeling. When I go into your wedding day I do it with all my heart, and there is no better feeling than having couples telling me that it felt like I was more like a dear friend, there for their wedding.

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