Melissa Atle

Best Wedding Photographers in Northern California


Your day deserves to be documented exactly as it happened. All the good stuff, all the emotional stuff, all the little stuff and big stuff because it all matters. You guys matter. This is YOUR DAY. I’m also not afraid to dance my butt off on the dance floor alone and eat cake and be your silent cheerleader whenever you need it…just sayin’. 

I've photographed over 75 weddings and have seen A LOT. I've shot nearly every lighting situation, all different ethnicities, religions, you name it. I love people and families and the joy that comes with throwing a wedding celebration no matter the size.

If you're wondering who the heck I even am, here's a little about me: I'm a mama to a wild, red headed, 3 year old boy called Oliver and wife to an amazing dude I call "C". I eat a burrito at least once a week (#noshame) and I LOVE Madewell. Seriously, Madewell can have all my money.

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