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Let me remind you.

Hi, I am Wianda, I am a storytelling weddingphotographer who lives in the Netherlands and works worldwide.

I want to create images that matter.

Do you enjoy the wind in your hair?
Not afraid to try something new?
The sand between your toes and a smile on your face.
My work is for you, adventurers, boundlessly in love and enjoying life.

Non-traditional, intimate and personal. I capture your day in a raw and honest way, but with an elegant and personal touch. I’m always looking for the romance and beauty that connects you. I love styling and carefully composed details that make your big day personal. Weddings where I’m at my best are different, personal, modern and elegant. But above all: weddings that are bursting of energy, with love wrapped around you like a blanket

My photo's are a collection 
of honestly pure, rawmoments.

If you love them and if you feel a connection with myway of working; let's get in touch.

I would love to hear from you

X Wianda

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