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My name is Sophie Berard and I am a multidisciplinary artist, I spend my free time antiquing, petting pups, and painting.
Having grown up with an artist as a mother I was intreagued by the magic of a pencil and a paper and from an early age knew I wanted to be an artist. It was at the age of 17, when I found my first SLR in an antique shop that my intrests extended to photography and after my first (properly exposed) roll of film I fell in love.
Photography opened up a whole new world to my artistry, to my understanding of light, form, color, and composition.

Now with a background in photojournalism, studio photography, product photography, and visual art I approach my work as an artist with a love for color, composition, and genuine candid moments.

Taking a step away from the technical side of things, it was seven years ago that I met my best friend and it was seven years ago that I experienced the transformative power of love. The kind of love that says, "if you spit on me, I'll bake you a cake", the kind of love that endures from thousands of miles, the kind of love that lets you know you. are. enough. The love that fills you up from head to toe, that reminds you how bold and beautiful you are - and just how much love you have to offer this world. This is the love I hold onto every day, that I practice every day, and this is the love I want to capture.

I love couples who bring out the best in one another, who believe in being best friends with one another, who feel at home with one another. When you're infront of my camera I won't ask you to do things you normally wouldn't do. These photos are about you and your connection - all I desire is to be present with you.

I meet or skype with all of my couples to make sure we are a good fit, I think it's super important to feel a connection with the people you work with. So please shoot me an email if you're interested in creating something beautiful. I love collaborating with beautiful souls. 

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