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I absolutely love weddings, I really do. I love the laughter from relatives that haven’t seen each other in years, the tearful sniffels during the speeches and heartfelt moments between a newlywed couple sharing the happiest day of their lives together. Getting to photograph these moments and giving them to couples to enjoy for years and years after their wedding day is a wonderful thing and I truly believe I have one of best jobs out there.

My style is fun, happy and colourful. I enjoying taking pictures that are bright and full of personality and I really love getting all those tiny details of your day, I know you’ve probably spent months planning and pinning to get everything just the way you want it. I try and take pictures in the most unobtrusive way possible and that way I get the day as it really happened and you don’t have a photographer in your face all day!

I’m based in London/South East but I really love to travel so if you want to take me further afield let me know.


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