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Hiya! I’m Joanna, a London-based wedding photographer who’s always armed with a big smile and a camera (or two!). I’m a big fan of cool couples who are looking to do something a bit different to the norm; who aren’t afraid to tear up the rulebook and have a load of rip-roaring fun. I adore weddings that are colourful and full of personality, with lots of happy faces having the kind of fun that cries out to be captured.

After all, that’s why I fell in love with weddings and why I’m so lucky to shoot them for a living: the laughter from relatives that haven’t seen each other in years, the inimitable grins from a group of people just having the best day ever, the tearful sniffles during heartfelt speeches. My inobtrusive shooting style means I can get all the little moments between a newlywed couple sharing one of the happiest days of their lives together as well as all the big ones, and the tiny details of your day that you worked so hard to get right.

I’m a huge fan of travelling, gorgeous buildings and colour, which massively influence my shooting style, and also my cat, which influences my shooting style less (but she is really, really cute…)

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