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I look for, and find inspiration in everyone, everything and everywhere I go. Over the years, I have developed a signature style, that is unique to me and the couples that I work for. My style is far from traditional, and so perhaps not for the mild and meek. My photography appeals to the non-traditionalist, the contemporary and the stylish.

From years of experience, I have learnt to pick up on those little signals we all exchange with each other. I’ve learnt to capture the hugs and kisses, the knowing nods, winks and smiles, and all the little quirks that makes every wedding unique.

I’m described as a creative and artistic photographer. and strive to attain perfection, listed one of the worlds top 50 Wedding photographers , UK top 20 wedding phtographers and numerous Fearless photographer awards, Each image I take has intent and meaning, catching the moment forever.

I travel all over the UK, Europe…even worldwide. To find out more about my work and my unique style, please view my portfolio and the weddings I have been honoured to document.

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