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We are Lois Soper & Noa Furfaro. Friends for nearly a decade, and both with a genuine love for nature and the outdoors. Living in the heart of the mountains inspires us to keep a light hearted and natural feel to our photography. We promise to capture the essence of who you are together, and to illustrate your day in the most natural & true way possible. The quiet words whispered between you, the honest & subtle glances, or the soft gentle touches. Allow yourself to be you. Just as you are.

We may ask you to hike up a small trail, or climb around on rocks because we love a little adventure. There’s magic in those simple moments and we are always ready for that perfect shot. Our unobtrusive & artistic style of photography will leave no subtle detail undocumented. We want your photos to take you right back to that day. That exact moment. Allowing you to relive and share it for years to come. If you want those quiet & seemingly ordinary moments in life photographed in an extraordinarily beautiful way, come with us and lets go find some beautiful light.  

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